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It’s Computer Science Week. Chill. Code. Program. Do some math. Watch our video.

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10 December 2013 – Computer code is something most people enjoy the benefits of without ever laying their eyes on it. But this week, it will be hard for students to avoid calls for them to learn how to program. There has been a promotional blitz this week for an education event called “Hour of Code” which has featured video statements from President Obama calling on students to learn how to write code, plus the home pages for Apple, Disney, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo promoting the event.

Then there is Apple.  Tomorrow every Apple store in the United States will host code education events. Microsoft will host similar events at 51 Microsoft retail stores all this week.

Hour of Code, which coincides with Computer Science Education Week, is organized by a nonprofit organization called which is seeking to get more students interested in programming. It has the support of nearly all the major technology companies which say they need a stronger pipeline of engineers to supply the industry with the talent it needs to thrive. And you … Read more

A fragile quantum memory state has been held stable, overcoming a key barrier to ultrafast computers – and encryption continues its death march



Quantum Computer systems encryption



15 November 2013 – For a few years now we have been promised quantum computers. The media has been full of reports. It makes use of all that “spooky” quantum stuff and vastly increases computing power, right? And they’ll be under every desk when scientists finally tame the spooky stuff, right? And computing will undergo a revolution no less profound than the one that brought us the microchip, right? Wow. Another “tectonic-major-disruptive-paradigm-shift-game-changing” thingie. Cool. Will it be on the App Store?

We’ve actually been following quantum computing for awhile, through Greg’s contacts at CERN and IBM Research and mine at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Ulm, Germany.

It is fascinating stuff … and yes, having degrees in physics and computer science helps … but of late it has been a hot topic made more prominent with the big news this past Spring of the quantum computer collaboration among Google, NASA and D-Wave not least of which is the fact that futurist and artificial intelligence expert Ray Kurzweil (now Director of Engineering at … Read more

El “Smarter Commerce Global Summit” de IBM en Monaco: Un cambio radical en compras corporativas, la magia de Watson continúa junto a la gran cantidad de nuevas aplicaciones analíticas.

Best The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit

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26 De junio de 2013 – Si han seguido nuestra cobertura del Mobile World Congress de este año en Barcelona (reportaje realizado con nuestra empresa hermana EAM Capital Partners) ya deben saber que dedicamos gran parte de nuestro tiempo con la gente de IBM y miembros del equipo Watson, lo cual se ha terminado convirtiendo en una costumbre cada año que atendemos a este evento (click aquí).  En esta ocasión estuvimos en Mónaco… Sí, una asignación un tanto sacrificada… en el “Smarter Commerce Global Summit” de IBM. Este tipo de cumbres ha sido diseñada para ofrecer a los clientes de IBM la oportunidad de conocer a los expertos de IBM y discutir temas tales como: sincronización de cadenas de suministro, optimización en el control de inventario, micro-target marketing, etc..  Pero la razón principal por la que asistimos a este evento fue para presenciar la nueva gama de servicios en la nube dirigidos a ejecutivos de … Read more

Le Sommet mondial du commerce plus intelligent d’IBM (« IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit ») à Monaco : le système Watson, l’analytique, une transformation radicale des marchés et bien plus encore…

Best The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit


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Le 26 juin 2013 – Si vous avez suivi notre couverture du Congrès mondial des technologies mobiles cette année (en collaboration avec notre société sœur EAM Capital Partners), vous savez déjà que nous passons beaucoup de temps avec IBM et les membres de l’équipe Watson lors de chacune de nos participations (cliquez ici). La semaine dernière, nous étions à Monaco… oui, c’était une mission difficile !… au Sommet mondial du commerce plus intelligent d’IBM (« IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit »). Ce Sommet est destiné aux clients d’IBM et donne l’opportunité de rencontrer des experts d’IBM afin d’aborder des sujets tels que comment synchroniser les chaînes d’approvisionnement, optimiser le contrôle des stocks, faire du marketing micro-ciblé, etc. Mais si nous y avons participé, c’était pour découvrir la gamme de services Cloud conçue pour les responsables de marketing et autres dirigeants, dont une formidable application du système Watson qui s’appuie sur son traitement révolutionnaire du langage naturel. Il … Read more

The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Monaco: a sea change in corporate purchasing, the Watson magic continues, and analytics galore

Best The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit

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26 June 2013 – If you followed our Mobile World Congress coverage this year (done with our sister company EAM Capital Partners) you know we spend a lot of time with IBM and members of the Watson team each year we attend (click here).  This past week we were in Monaco … yes, a hardship assignment … at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit. The Summit is for IBM customers and it is a chance to meet IBM experts to discuss such things as how to synchronize supply chains, optimize inventory control, do micro-target marketing, etc.  But we attended to see the range of cloud-based services aimed at marketing executives and other managers, including a brilliant Watson system application that uses its breakthrough natural language processing. It was the debut of the first consumer-facing Watson offering for Smarter Commerce and you can get a nice back-grounder by clicking here.

There’s something for everyone in IBM’s new cloud-based … Read more

The importance of making Big Data accessible to non-data scientists

Data science for dummies 1


4 May 2013 – Gartner analyst Doug Laney first coined the term ”big data” over over 12 years ago although one suspects — at least in its current form — people have been complaining about “information overload” since Roman times. But the term’s meaning is still far from clear and it wins continuous nominations in the “Tech Buzzword That Everyone Uses But Don’t Quite Understand” competitions, followed closely by “the cloud”.

When using the term, Gartner usually keeps the quote marks in place (i.e. it’s “big data”, not big data). And as we learned at the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit in Barcelona two months ago, Gartner has spent a tremendous amount of time on it. As Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg warned people at the conference “talking only about big data can lead to self-delusion” and he urged people not to “surrender to the hype-ocracy.”

NOTE: next month we’ll have a chance to talk about “big data” more with Gartner analyst Debra Logan along with Jason R. Baron when our video crew travels to Rome to interview Read more

IBM acquiert UrbanCode



24 avril 2013 – IBM a annoncé aujourd’hui l’acquisition de l’entreprise UrbanCode. Basée à Cleveland, Ohio, UrbanCode automatise le lancement d’applications et aide les entreprises à mettre rapidement sur le marché des applications liées à la mobilité, au Big Data, au Cloud Computing et au social business, ainsi que leur mise à jour.

Les technologies liées à la mobilité, au social business, au Big Data et au Cloud Computing sont en train de créer une demande nécessitant la mise à disposition plus rapide d’applications logicielles. Aujourd’hui, attendre des jours, voire des mois, afin de fournir une mise à jour logicielle aux clients n’est plus concevable. Avec les technologies d’UrbanCode, les entreprises peuvent réduire de quelques mois à quelques minutes la durée nécessaire pour la commercialisation des nouvelles applications ou des mises à jour.… Read more

I.B.M.’s Rometty on the data challenge to the culture of management

IBM Rometty

8 March 2013 – Last night Virginia M. Rometty, chairman, president and CEO of IBM, delivered a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations. The setting was familiar. Five years ago, Samuel J. Palmisano, her predecessor, gave a speech in the same venue and spoke about the big opportunity ahead for modern computing technology to help businesses, government agencies and other institutions operate more intelligently. It was an emerging trend, one that became a very lucrative business for I.B.M.

In 2008, Palmisano spoke of the accelerating pace of computer processing, storage and software that exploited artificial intelligence. He pointed to the explosion in data from the Web, social networks and sensors.

To his vision he attached the term “Smarter Planet” which became the tagline for I.B.M.’s highly successful campaign to sell software and services, for an array of “smart” projects.

For Rometty, a familiar script but the context quite different: the next step, how to absorp this advancing technology.

She made three major points, all under the banner of Big Data:

Lesson 1: Decisions will be based not on “gut … Read more

Facebook’s latest server architecture: a challenge to OEMs IBM, H-P,and Dell? And Amazon and Google?

18 January 2013 – Facebook has provided a big endorsement for ARM server CPUs: the company is showing off a next-gen server architecture for its Open Compute platform for building cheap/dense/power-efficient IT infrastructures that allows companies to switch between various x86 and ARM CPUs by swapping boards. Applied Micro and Calxeda are the first ARM vendors to support it. The architecture will also support Intel’s silicon photonics tech, using it to handle 100G Ethernet links.

Pundits in the industry are saying this latest server architecture could present a huge challenge to server OEMs such as IBM, H-P , and Dell. Not only does the open-source architecture enable cheap, energy-efficient servers, it offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to install and swap out parts as users see fit. It arrives at a time when many incumbents are already struggling to deal with the adoption of cheap commodity servers by Internet/cloud giants.

And Rackspace is throwing its weight behind Facebook’s platform.  Embracing Open Compute could help Rackspace’s OpenStack solutions become more cost-competitive relative to Amazon and Google’s cloud infrastructure offerings – both … Read more

Etude IBM IBV 2012 : Entreprises et Big Data, le chemin vers l’avantage concurrentiel [with English translation]

19 octobre 2012 – Le terme Big Data est omniprésent et pourtant il engendre encore la confusion dans les cercles professionnels ce, à l’échelle mondiale. Que l’on parle de gigantesques volumes de données, de réseaux sociaux, de données en temps réel ou d’analytique, la plus grande part de la confusion autour du Big Data est due à sa définition elle-même.

Cette année, IBM s’est associé avec l’Université d’Oxford afin d’aider les entreprises à aller au-delà de la médiatisation autour du Big Data et ainsi leur permettre de bénéficier d’une vision plus profonde de la manière dont leurs pairs définissent et envisagent le Big Data dans leurs stratégies d’amélioration de performance. Basé sur une enquête mondiale auprès de 1 100 entreprises et professionnels de l’informatique dans 95 pays, le nouveau rapport révèle des résultats quelque peu surprenants.

L’enquête a révélé que les plus grands efforts consacrés par les entreprises au Big Data sont axés sur l’amélioration de l’expérience client. Mais en dépit de ce fort accent mis sur le client, moins de la moitié de ces efforts sont actuellement consacrés à … Read more