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Sears turns old stores into datacentres: converting shells of the 20th century into tools for the 21st century digital economy



23 May 2013 – Sears has decided that one of the best things to do with all those stores it had to close after the US ran out of money was to convert them into data centres. Sears has created a Ubiquity Critical Environments unit which will convert a Sears retail store in Chicago into data centre space.

The cunning plan is to market space from former Sears and Kmart retail stores as a home for data centres, disaster recovery space and wireless towers.

This way the company will convert the shells of the 20th century retail industry into tools for the 21st century digital economy. The big idea is that you have a technology platform laid atop a retail footprint, creating the possibility for a product with a different look to it, he said. So what does Sears know about data centres? Well Farney does know a thing or two as he previously managed Microsoft’s huge Chicago data centre, and then ran a network of low-latency services for the financial services firm Interactive Data.

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Wall Street debates: just how do you value data center stocks?



21 February 2013 – A favorable feature article in Barron’s can lift some stocks with a “Barron’s Bounce,” while a tough critique will also be felt in the markets. Last Saturday Barron’s followed up on a slide in Rackspace shares by taking a critical look at the methods used to value data center companies on Wall Street. That kicked off a series of articles in the financial press and blogosphere debating the merit of data center investments.

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Facebook’s latest server architecture: a challenge to OEMs IBM, H-P,and Dell? And Amazon and Google?

18 January 2013 – Facebook has provided a big endorsement for ARM server CPUs: the company is showing off a next-gen server architecture for its Open Compute platform for building cheap/dense/power-efficient IT infrastructures that allows companies to switch between various x86 and ARM CPUs by swapping boards. Applied Micro and Calxeda are the first ARM vendors to support it. The architecture will also support Intel’s silicon photonics tech, using it to handle 100G Ethernet links.

Pundits in the industry are saying this latest server architecture could present a huge challenge to server OEMs such as IBM, H-P , and Dell. Not only does the open-source architecture enable cheap, energy-efficient servers, it offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to install and swap out parts as users see fit. It arrives at a time when many incumbents are already struggling to deal with the adoption of cheap commodity servers by Internet/cloud giants.

And Rackspace is throwing its weight behind Facebook’s platform.  Embracing Open Compute could help Rackspace’s OpenStack solutions become more cost-competitive relative to Amazon and Google’s cloud infrastructure offerings – both … Read more

UK data centre installs “sleeping pods” to combat Olympics congestion

13 April 2012 – When the Olympics circus comes to town, London is going to be quite the crowded, congested place. However, one data centre firm has come up with a novel solution to the problem of staff being unable to get to the office on time due to an extended commute.

In-office sleeping pods is the idea Interxion’s management has formulated. The pods are rather like those Tokyo hotels (as seen on Idiot Abroad and countless other TV programmes), although these ones are comparatively luxury affairs, with memory foam mattresses for one thing – along with laptop holders.

Interxion’s critical staff can therefore stay on site 24/7, ensuring their customers aren’t going to get in anything of a pickle due to road congestion, rail hold-ups and so forth.

Greg McCulloch, UK Managing Director of Interxion, commented: “Due to the nature of our business we need to be ready for all eventualities and while we are excited to have the Olympics in London we also need to be sure that we can continue to offer the highest level of resilience

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I.B.M. aims to sharply simplify corporate data center technology

11 April 2012 – We have waxed lyrical in the past about how IBM seems to be in every aspect of  the disruptive technologies sweeping across whole industries and society, all of it concerning information technology and information management.  Just one example is what we learned at FutureMed (click here) which is part of our upcoming special series “IBM: a culture of analytics”.

But corporate data centers are, as Steve Lohr points out in today’s New York Times,  the slowpoke laggards of information technology.  Although the essence of cloud computing is a move towards highly standardized racks of commodity servers, it can take up to six months to get a new business application up and running, from buying the hardware to fine-tuning the software. An estimated 70 percent of corporate technology budgets is spent on installing, updating and maintaining current technology — keeping the digital lights on.

IBM intends to change all that in an effort that is the most ambitious step yet to simplify and streamline data center technology.  For the story from today’s New … Read more

Cisco, EMC and VMware team up for data centre training

5 April 2012 – Cisco Systems has partnered up with EMC and VMware, to provide IT professionals with technical training in a range of areas impacting the data centre, such as networking and cloud computing to storage and virtualisation.

Cisco, EMC and VMware are looking to give IT administrators the needed training to address these trends, according to Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, vice president and general manager of Learning@Cisco: “Today’s data centre is composed of heterogeneous technologies, with the cloud blurring the lines between technology silos,” Beliveau-Dunn said in a statement. “IT organisations must cultivate new cloud architecture skills, understand how to use big data and maintain deep domain expertise with a renewed understanding of virtualisation and technology convergence. With this offering, Cisco and EMC are leading the way in transforming skills for the next generation of IT professionals.”

Those new skills will grow in importance as big data, unified networking, cloud computing and converged infrastructures transform not only what systems and technologies are put into the data centre, but also the expertise IT administrators need to install, deploy and manage … Read more

Swedish town set to become “Node pole” as Facebook builds massive data centre

27 November 2011 — Perched near the Arctic Circle, the Swedish town of Luleaa hopes that a massive data centre for US social networking giant Facebook will launch the vibrant industrial region into the digital age as a European data traffic hub.  In October, Facebook announced it had chosen the Swedish town for its first European data centre, and third globally, in large part because of its “suitable climate for environmental cooling (and) clean power resources.”  The icy region, located on the same latitude as Fairbanks, Alaska, was especially attractive due to its climate, “since cooling (computer) servers is a major issue for data centres,” Facebook said.

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Facebook to build server farm on edge of Arctic Circle

26 October 2011 – Facebook is to build a multi-million ‘mini town’ on the edge of the Arctic circle to house all its computer servers, which would us as much electricity as a town of 50,000 people.  The enormous server farm facility in Luleå, northern Sweden, to be announced officially on Thursday morning, is the first time that the social networking giant has chosen to locate a server farm outside the US.   “The climate will allow them to just use only air for cooling the servers,” said Mats Engman, chief executive of the Aurorum Science Park, which is leading the push to turn the city into a ‘Node Pole’, luring in other international computing giants.  “If you take the statistics, the temperature has not been above 30C [86F] for more than 24 hours since 1961. If you take the average temperature, it’s around 2C [35.6F].”   Luleå is situated at the northern tip of the Baltic Sea, just over 62 miles South of the Arctic Circle.  Taking advantage of the rock bottom temperatures, Facebook plans to build three giant server halls … Read more

Apple Pumps Sunlight Into iCloud Data Center

26 October 2011 – Behind Apple’s new cloud, there’s sunlight.   Apple’s massive new data center in Maiden, North Carolina drives the company’s sparkling new iCloud service, and according to a report from the Charlotte Observer, sunlight will provide some of the considerable power needed to run the facility.  The company is building a solar power plant across the street from the data center, the newspaper said, citing county permits that allow the company to regrade 171 acres in preparation for building a solar farm.  Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment. But the investment in renewable energy clearly marks a shift for the company, which has taken heat from environmental groups for its energy practices. The company has lagged behind other cloud players, most notably Google, in going green.

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The Global Containerized Data Center Market to Grow At A CAGR Of 5.6 Percent over the Period 2010-2014

26 October 2011 – TechNavio has issued a report on the containeri?zed data center market.  Their analysts forecast one of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the need for faster deployment of data centers. The global containerized data center market has also been witnessing increased use of green data center equipment in containerized data centers across the globe. However, the rapid evolution of technology and security concerns is forcing end-users to delay the purchase of containerized data centers in order to procure the most advanced solutions that could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.  The report, which is based on an in-depth study of countries in the Americas and in the EMEA and APAC regions, aims to aid decision makers understand the key trends impacting this market.

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