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Facebook’s latest server architecture: a challenge to OEMs IBM, H-P,and Dell? And Amazon and Google?

18 January 2013 – Facebook has provided a big endorsement for ARM server CPUs: the company is showing off a next-gen server architecture for its Open Compute platform for building cheap/dense/power-efficient IT infrastructures that allows companies to switch between various x86 and ARM CPUs by swapping boards. Applied Micro and Calxeda are the first ARM vendors to support it. The architecture will also support Intel’s silicon photonics tech, using it to handle 100G Ethernet links.

Pundits in the industry are saying this latest server architecture could present a huge challenge to server OEMs such as IBM, H-P , and Dell. Not only does the open-source architecture enable cheap, energy-efficient servers, it offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to install and swap out parts as users see fit. It arrives at a time when many incumbents are already struggling to deal with the adoption of cheap commodity servers by Internet/cloud giants.

And Rackspace is throwing its weight behind Facebook’s platform.  Embracing Open Compute could help Rackspace’s OpenStack solutions become more cost-competitive relative to Amazon and Google’s cloud infrastructure offerings – both … Read more

Amazon cloud entry in Australia poses legal concerns to business; attempt to avoid the U.S. Patriot Act?

13 November 2012 – E-commerce giant Amazon’s plans to offer data and computer hosting services through Australian data centres from this week will not indemnify customers from legal action in the United States, legal experts have warned.  Amazon’s hosting division will today announce plans to offer public cloud services – computers and hard drives that companies can lease for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a similarly capable machine – for the first time within Australian borders.

The move has been touted as a “game changer” for high-risk sectors like finance and government, which are traditionally kept from storing critical data outside of Australia. The introduction of Amazon-hosted services in Australia is thought to have been spurred by those concerns, providing local companies with the ability to store data in local facilities rather than data centres in the US, Singapore or Europe.

But lawyers told The Australian Financial Review the move will not immunise local companies from subpoenas issued by US courts or regulators. “The fact that Amazon holds data in Australia makes no difference to its obligation to … Read more

Cloud server market explodes, fueled by of cloud-based consumer services from Apple-Amazon-Google


23 January 2012 – Cloud server sales will double in 2012, compared to 2010, and will double again by 2015, as a result of the stellar success of cloud-based consumer services from Apple, Amazon, Google and other industry powerhouses.

Cloud servers, which supply services to smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, are on track to become the most important segment of the server market, according to IHS iSuppli, which predicts that cloud server shipments will reach 875,000 units in 2012, up 35 percent from 647,000 in 2011, and nearly double the 460,000 cloud servers sold in 2010.

Consumer services such as Apple iCloud and the exploding diversity of software-, platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service business models, are driving a skyrocketing demand for cloud servers. Over the next three years, growth rates will be between 23 percent and 30 percent, ultimately doubling the consumption of cloud servers over 2012 to more than 1,774,000 units by 2015, according to iSuppli. This will make cloud servers the fastest-growing segment of the server industry.Overall, the five-year compound annual growth rate for cloud servers is destined … Read more

France’s cloud computing market set to exceed EUR 2 billion in 2011

23 January 2012 – The recent boom in data transmission and storage capacity has given rise to an increase in cloud computing in France — a sector that has been given the backing of the government’s National Investment Program. This market is set to surpass the €2 billion mark for France in 2011, and may make up more than 6% of the French software and IT-services industry in 2012.

“France is a growth market for high-tech and innovative companies, particularly in the cloud-computing sector, where the leading players are already here [in France], doing business,” points out David Appia, Chairman & CEO of the Invest in France Agency (IFA). 

In 2012, revenue from the global market for cloud-computing services totalled US$68.3 billion while, in Europe, the cloud computing market surged 20% and is predicted to account for almost 15% of the European software and IT-services market by 2015. 

The French market, which continues to grow strongly, was worth €1.85 billion in 2010, €672 million of which was generated by SMEs. This market is set to exceed €2 billion in 2011 … Read more

Best Buy Reorganizes in the Cloud, Acquiring

7 November 2011 — If you’ve ever investigated various sources for hosted Exchange e-mail or SharePoint sites, or virtual cloud servers, for a small business of under 100 employees or so, you’ve probably run into a service called It’s titled like it wants to be listed first in the Yellow Pages, but in terms of service quality, it’s been limping along with a handful of others looking to gain par against

But 123Together also has a stake in cloud services, with simple virtual servers in the cloud that compete on at least one level with Amazon. Meanwhile, retailer Best Buy is interested in competing with Amazon on any level it can. Last month, it decided it can’t compete with Amazon, announcing a plan to dump its Napster service’s existing customers onto Rhapsody. Best Buy had just acquired the Napster brand in September 2008.

Today, Best Buy announced a deal to acquire’s parent company, mindSHIFT Technologies, for $167 million, apparently in cash. This move will put Best Buy into the hosted services business, which includes floating Web sites … Read more

ETF Chart of the Day: Cloud Computing

26 October 2011 — “Cloud Computing” made its way to the exchange traded fund landscape in July of this year, with First Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index (SKYY) and E-TRACS Monthly 2X Leveraged ISE Cloud Computing (LSKY), which listed earlier this month.

SKYY has gathered approximately $57 million in assets since its launch and we expect it to be even more active amidst Amazon’s earnings release last night after the closing bell, as the stock will likely be extremely active. Amazon shares were down 10% in morning trading Wednesday.

AMZN is the top holding in SKYY (4.64% weighting), as the index follows a modified equal dollar weighted methodology. Other holdings that round out the top five in the fund are BBBB (4.47%), RNOW (4.42%), CSCO (4.10%), and TDC (4.04%). Other familiar names in the index include GOOG and ORCL.

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Clouds Vs. Outsourcing: The Next Battleground

20 October 2011 – IBM, HP, and other established vendors entering cloud computing are often already outsourcing partners to the firms that are now frequently looking for an infrastructure service provider. But that doesn’t mean they have an inside track on the business. They do not. Established vendors are going to face stiff competition for outsourcing business from the new infrastructure  providers: Amazon, Rackspace, and others, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“Service providers in the IT outsourcing space have, after all, profited handsomely by taking on their customers’ highly complex, one-off collections of IT assets and finding ways to manage them more efficiently than their customers are able to,” states the Pricewaterhouse report.

“But the essence of cloud computing is a move towards highly standardized racks of commodity servers,” with software that manages the racks and allows customers to run applications on them through self-service. “Where’s the IT outsourcing opportunity in that?” said the report, sponsored by Mike Pearl, partner and cloud computing leader at PriceWaterhouse.

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Ex-NASA man squeezes cloud onto USB stick


28 September 2011 —  Yes, you can fit a cloud on a USB stick.  Founded by several of the brains who conceived OpenStack – the open source software platform for building Amazon-like “infrastructure clouds” – San Francisco startup Piston Cloud Computing has squeezed the platform onto a memory stick in an effort to streamline the creation of such clouds behind the firewall.

Set for an unveiling at next week’s OpenStack conference in Boston, this “cloud key” also includes Piston’s Linux-based PentOS. According to the company, when plugged into a network switch, the key lets you configure an OpenStack cloud in a matter of minutes.

“This is the boot disk of your private cloud,” Piston CEO Joshua McKenty tells Wired, noting that the key was inspired by old Linux-based portable firewall, FloppyFW. “You take away all the configuration at the hardware side. Let the software figure out which servers to run.”

The way McKenty describes it, an IT manager plugs the key into a PC and sets the parameters for a cloud – an online service that provides access to readily … Read more

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is Powered by the “Cloud”

28 September 2011 — Amazon is finally jumping into the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, a 7-inch $199 device built off of Android with its own custom interface and plenty of hooks into Amazon’s marketplace of  digital goods. But beyond being just a cheap tablet, the Fire is leveraging a lot of Amazon’s smarts across its inventory of assets, including some very impressive work in the cloud. That reliance on the cloud makes sense for Amazon, which is using all its strengths to help launch the Kindle Fire, just like Apple has poured in great design and user experience into its tablet.

The tablet also taps into Amazon’s cloud infrastructure to offer free cloud storage and back-up of all content, so users don’t have to worry about irrevocably deleting something from local storage. And there’s also simple wireless syncing and integration of Amazon’s Whispersync technology in movies and TV shows, so users can keep their places in videos when they switch from one device to another.

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Google Drive Takes Aim At Amazon, Apple For Cloud Storage

26 September 2011 – Google upcoming Google Drive, or GDrive, is expected to compete with similar offerings from Amazon and Apple.  Google Drive has been rumored to be in the works for years and the images show a Google Docs-style interface with the word “Drive” in the upper left corner, indicating that it’s a cloud-based storage offering.

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