How does a journalist secure his laptop against a police search?

Border laptop search

2 November 2015 – Last week the media blogs lit up over the British police’s seizure of a BBC laptop and what is the right configuration and practices to ensure that such a seizure provides zero information to the cops?

Sarah Naomi was at the t2’15 infosec conference in Finland last week and described a presentation by security researcher Georg Wicherski. Wicherski is a Senior Security Researcher with CrowdStrike who we have met several times at Black Hat.

Wicherski outlined in his talk several steps that could be taken to render, for instance, an ordinary Chromebook immune (or at least make it very, very resistant) to malware attacks, even when an adversary has physical access to it. These customizations make it difficult for an attacker to use any sort of turnkey solution, presenting a barrier to any off-the-shelf equipment attackers might use. At border crossings, Wicherski said possible attackers might have “an appliance, that comes with a manual, and low-skilled operators.” By using a setup that is not very common, the border cops might not know what to do.

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