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“Every breath you take” – record health data, keep tabs on your mood. Without you even noticing. Without being attached to a device.


Eric De Grasse, Chief Technology Officer

5 May 2015 – The past few weeks we have seen a tsunami of health-tracking developments, much of it discussed at the RSA Conference in San Francisco which we recently attended.  Coolest bit at RSA this year: it opened with everyone sitting in the dark. Literally. Amit Yoran, the new president of RSA Security, began his opening keynote while standing on a dark stage. “My stumbling around in the dark is a pretty good metaphor for anyone who’s trying to protect networks today,” Yoran said, describing how the industry has failed to deliver on its promises. “2014 was yet another reminder that we’re losing the contest. We can neither secure nor trust the pervasive complex, and worse, end-point participants in any large or distributed committing environment”.

The RSA conference emphasized the obvious: in the digital world in which we now live, information is the most highly valued commodity. Safeguarding that information, therefore, has become a top priority. And the “experts” are failing miserably.

The big event this month was the Apple Watch with its … Read more