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Anyone Can Crack Crypto. Take THAT, you NSA Wunderkinds!



9 September 2013 – Making and breaking encryption: it’s what an intelligence agency does for a living. That NSA engages in such activities is not surprising. Its involvement in the development of some cryptographic standards was legally mandated and openly acknowledged.

Ah, but the details.  We really do not know specific details. Recent headlines, at Ars Technica (click here),The New York Times (click here), and Spiegel Online (click here) paint a grim picture, suggesting that “many or all of the cryptographic safeguards that people use to protect their privacy have been undermined”.

But many experts say no, the mathematics underpinning crypto is still basically sound. It is really a case of implementation flaws, bad passwords, weak algorithms, corporate cooperation, and … SHOCK!! … backdoor access.

It’s a case of “cryptography is hard” and not as in “math is hard” but that apparently getting everything right is difficult.

And clearly we have a situation where Snowden and the media may be not disclosing the exact HOW it is done and how the NSA
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