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Is this data scientist a consumer’s best friend?

4 May 2012 – In Oren Etzioni’s world, telling you where to buy a product is so 20 years ago. He did that with his first startup, Netbot, in 1996.  Today, Etzioni wants to tell you when to buy — that ideal moment when the price won’t fall for a while and you won’t get burned by the release of a new model a week later. Tomorrow, well, maybe he can let you know when you’re in the vicinity of a great deal.

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Four Reasons Why Google Drive Will Not Kill Dropbox

1 May 2012 – Now that Google has entered the cloud storage market with the long-awaited Google Drive, will it kill Dropbox and other cloud computing services? This is a hot topic in Dropbox forums and elsewhere in the cloud computing world. Here is what one forum poster said, as quoted in CIO magazine:

“Google Drive is going to devastate Dropbox. I hate to say it, Google being the big, bad corporate machine and all, but Dropbox is going to [hemorrhage] users unless they dramatically lower their prices (which could even require being bought up).”

One has to say that the pricing is quite attractive (much like Microsoft Skydrive) and most target users already have Google accounts, which will make the switch pain-free.  Thus, Google apparently already has an advantage over the competition.

However, says Balaji Viswanathan, “I have some experience working for such big software companies, and here is what I believe:Google Driveis going to kill Dropbox, just as Knol killed Wikipedia, Wave killed instant messaging, Google+ killed Facebook and Google Offers killed Groupon. None of those threats mattered, … Read more