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NIST recommends security measures for cloud subscribers

20 May 2011 – The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued a draft guide to cloud computing that includes a number of recommendations to enhance security in the cloud environment. The draft guide, NIST Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations (Special Publication 800-146), provides information for IT decision makers interested in moving into the cloud.  Quoting Lee Badger, an IT specialist with the NIST’s Computer Security Division and one of the authors of the publication:

“Information security in the cloud is a real challenge. There are several factors to consider. One is that cloud systems, at least in some of their configurations, are outsourced system. Therefore, for one to have confidence that the system is treating your data with due care, one has to have confidence that the people who are running that system are exercising the care you think is appropriate. The importance of the boundaries that separate cloud users is high in terms of security.  You may not know geographically where your data is located. That might reduce confidence.

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The data centre market, mobile devices and the rise of cloud computing: thanks be to Apple!

19 May 2011 – Apple may have put the traditional powers of the PC industry in the shade of late with breakout products such as the iPhone, the iPad and its ultra-thin MacBook Air.   But its very successes have contributed to a technology wave that is also helping to buoy rivals such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Intel.  Behind this lies a shift to anew style of computing. “The numbers from all three companies reflect a massive push to the cloud,” said Rob Enderle, a US technology analyst.  Paul Otellini, executive of Intel, put it succinctly:  “The money is in the infrastructure.”  Internet data centres and hosting are one of the fastest growing areas in the build-out of the mobile internet, he said. According to Intel’s calculations, an extra server is needed for every 600 smartphones that are sold, and for every 122 tablet computers.  The chipmaker forecasts a 15 per cent compound annual growth rate in its server business between 2010 and 2015, with its revenues doubling over five years to reach $20bn a year.

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What it takes to power the cloud [Infographic]

14 May 2011 – ReadWriteWeb published a terrific infographic about data centers, one of the more talked about topics in cloud computing.  The graphic explores power consumption by making comparisons between standard usage and what can be accomplished with more efficient technologies.   It was produced by ABB.  The company develops automation technologies for utility and industry customers to improve performance and lower environmental impact.

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Opani: social supercomputing in the cloud

6 May 2011 – Opani is a cloud platform for analyzing large data sets. The idea is that you upload your data and then Opani helps you determine how many servers you need to process the data in the timeframe you specify. It then spins up the servers and automatically winds them down when the job is done. You can then download the results, or share them on the Opani Gallery. Opani runs on Rackspace’s infrastructure and supports tools such as R, Octave, Matlab and Python.  There are free plans for public projects. Rates for private projects vary.

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