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Cloud Computing? Not So Fast – Unintended Consequences of Recent Disclosures

14 December 2010 – So the future was supposed to be upon us: a world in which, untethered by the need to be physically anywhere, we would all put our information in the cloud and access it by any device we chose, anywhere we happened to be. Experts would make sure that the data was protected, that it was safe, and that it didn’t fall into the wrong hands. The vision is compelling, particularly for businesses that want to ditch their expensive server farms and hard-to-maintain infrastructure, and run lean, mean, and just-in-time with all the flexibility promised by software as a service and distributed data sets.

That’s the vision. The unfortunate reality is that once it’s in digital form, information has a tendency to spread like wildfire.

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Avoid the Rainy Day: Survey of U.S. Cloud Computing Caselaw

Cloud computing case law


1 December 2010 – Cloud Computing, a computer networking model that gives users on-demand access to shared software applications and data storage, is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and individuals. For example, if you use Google’s Gmail for email and calendaring, Snapfish for online photo sharing and storage, your business remotely stores data with a third-party server provider like Salesforce, or uses Windows Azure to create and host web applications and services, you’re already “floating in the cloud.” This alert surveys U.S. cases that have direct implications for cloud users.

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