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The environmental benefits of cloud computing

3 October 2011 – Cloud adoption is helping to reduce energy consumption by eliminating the need for enterprises to each have their own power-hungry data centers.  Two recent industry-funded studies make the case for cloud as energy-saver:

A report issued this summer by the Carbon Disclosure Project, supported by AT&T, finds that a company that adopts cloud computing can reduce its energy consumption, lower its carbon emissions and decrease its capital expenditure on IT resources while improving operational efficiency. By 2020, the group estimates, large US companies that use cloud computing can achieve annual energy savings of $12.3 billion and annual carbon reductions equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil.

In another study released at the end of last year, Accenture, Microsoft and WSP Environment and Energy estimated that that a 100-person company with applications deployed in the cloud can reduce energy consumption and emissions by more than 90 percent.

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Can cloud computing cut energy use?

2 October 2011 – According to the Colorado based firm Pike Research, the ever increasing move of businesses storing information on cloud computing systems has lead to a surge in outsourcing data centers, which could help lower energy costs by almost one-third over the next decade.  An analyst from the report says that revenue from data centers will swell to a compound annual growth rate of 29%, and that new investments will continue to spur higher efficiency.

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