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EMC to open Cloud and “Big Data” R&D Center in Russia


9 February 2012 – EMC announced yesterday its plans to establish an R&D center in the Skolkovo Foundation’s Innovation Hub in Russia that will focus on development of cloud infrastructure solutions and Big Data analytics technologies for Bioinformatics and Energy Efficiency.  EMC also plans to collaborate on research projects in these and other areas with Russian universities, government agencies, and local and multinational companies in the Skolkovo community. The new EMC facility will be located at the Skolkovo Innovation Center and will work in close cooperation with EMC’s existing R&D center in St. Petersburg.

The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on establishing an innovation hub to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship that will benefit Russia and the global economy. Skolkovo’s goal is to leverage Russia’s resources in the field of contemporary applied research and create a favorable environment for undertaking scientific developments in five priority areas of technological development: power engineering and energy efficiency, space, bioinformatics, nuclear and computer technologies.

Skolkovo is governed by a special law, which gives its resident companies special economic conditions for running their businesses. More … Read more

Cloud computing to come of age in Asia by 2015, says IDC

16 November 2011 — According to Simon Piff, associate vice president for enterprise infrastructure research at IDC Asia-Pacific, businesses today are still hesitant in utilizing cloud computing for much of their IT needs due to concerns over security, service reliability, data location and sovereignty, as well as vendor support.

This reluctance was reflected in a recent IDC survey on companies in Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, which were quizzed on their cloud plans, Piff said during his presentation at IDC Asia-Pacific’s Cloud Conference 2011 held here Wednesday. The survey findings revealed that companies in developed markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong showed more reticence in using cloud services, compared with their counterparts in developing markets such as Indonesia and Thailand, the analyst noted.

However, the concerns enterprises have are currently being addressed, he said. In the case of service reliability and uptime, for instance, public cloud users are increasingly more aware of the implications associated with these services, he added.

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What is the future of cloud computing in the Emirates?

9 October 2011 – For an interview with Anthony Harrison of Symantec on the topics of virtualization and cloud adoption in the Emirates, click here.… Read more

In Australia, cloud computing “requires regulatory reform” says an expert

20 September 2011 —  Cloud computing in Australia is one area which requires significant regulatory reform, according to one expert.  Ulf Pehrsson, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson regulatory and government relations chief, and Business Europe internal market committee chairman, told The Australian that he would advise the government to focus on the cloud as well as issues such as copyright.

He said that many of the challenges facing Europe also apply to Australia, adding: “To get the well-functioning digital single market and services and applications able to be delivered over the network and successful digital market I think is very much a common challenge to all countries, including Australia.”

During Mr Pehrsson’s visit to Australia he has briefed communications minister Stephen Conroy and representatives of Attorney-General Robert McClelland and the Department of Trade.

Last month, the ISACA in Australia issued a new guidance report on governance of cloud computing technology in a bid to help businesses assess the risks the technology can pose.… Read more

Cloud Computing is the Future of Telecom

13 September 2011 —  As the traditional land-line phone business migrates into the new mobile wireless smartphone world, it is causing some telecom companies to lose their way and stumble while other telecom companies are seeing the opportunity to create whole new futures for themselves. One such company that is creating a whole new future for itself is KT. It was formerly known as Korea Telecom but is now moving far beyond telecommunications, thus its name is now just KT. 

CIO spoke about doing business in the cloud in Seoul last week at the Smart & Cloud Show and met and met some influential people who are guiding development of cloud computing in Korea.  The discussion has implications for the telecom industry across the globe.
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Governments Foster Cloud Development in Asia

11 September 2011 — No single Asian country is fully ready for cloud computing, but a handful of developed nations are the most ready, according to the results of the initial Cloud Readiness Index published by the Hong Kong-based Asia Cloud Computing Association (Asia Cloud).

In addition, the Index indicates that countries with the strongest government commitments to ICT and the cloud among the 14 countries surveyed also have the strongest ICT infrastructures.

Countries covered by the report (in order of finish) were Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The Index measured 10 different attributes – using data from the World Ecoomic Forum, the Business Software Alliance, and five other sources – assigning a maximum of 10 points to each attribute. Japan racked up a total of 85 points, followed closely by Hong Kong with 83, and Singapore and South Korea with 82. At the other end, the Philippines finished with 45, Vietnam with 49, and Indonesia with 50.

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