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From The 451 Group: Symantec gets the M&A “cloud” ball rolling in 2012 … and more

20 January 2012 –  Quoting Simon Robinson of The 451 Group: “As if to underscore our belief that the cloud is set to play a bigger role in all things Information Management-related in 2012, Symantec announced this week that it had acquired cloud archiving specialist LiveOffice for $115m, its first acquisition in eight months.   Though the deal was not a huge surprise — some of LiveOffice’s executive team (including CEO and COO) hail from Symantec, which has for the last year been reselling LiveOffice, rebranded as EnterpriseVault.Cloud – it is a significant endorsement of the cloud archiving market; a sub-sector that we have been following closely for a couple of years, but has yet to really come to life”.

For the full post from Simon click here.

The announcement also afforded Symantec an opportunity to unveil what it calls “Intelligent Information Governance”, an over-arching theme that provides the context for some of the product-level integrations it has been working on. For example, it just announced improved integration between its Clearwell eDiscovery suite and its on-premise archive software, EnterpriseVault. … Read more

IDC Says Cloud Adoption Fuels Storage Sales

20 October 2011 – As businesses and consumers literally take to the clouds — both public and private — in coming years, storage vendors will continue to find a vital growing market for their goods, according to a new report.

In June, analyst firm IDC said it sees users’ data doubling every two years.

Now, in a new report, IDC projects strong sales of storage products through 2015 as movement to cloud environments triggers swelling demand for someplace for all that data to go.

Indeed, IDC foresees that by 2015, global sales of storage for both public and private clouds will hit $22.6 billion annually.

“Despite current economic uncertainties, IDC expects cloud service providers — both public and private — to be among the most expansive spenders on IT products and services as they continue to build out their facilities worldwide and expand their service options,” Richard Villars, vice president of storage systems and executive strategies at IDC, said in a statement.

In fact, public cloud service providers’ spending on storage hardware, software, and professional services is likely to swell … Read more

The War of Email Cloud Computing: Google vs. Microsoft

6 October 2011 – For an analysis of email cloud computing offerings from Google and Microsoft, including some interesting thoughts and predictions from Gartner, click here.… Read more

Cloud email archiving market to grow 36.2% through 2014

20 June 2011 – has just issued a new report entitled “Global Cloud E-mail Archiving Market 2010-2014” to their collection of Cloud Computing market reports.  This report reveals that the cloud e-mail rrchiving market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 36.2 percent. The report, which focuses on the Americas and EMEA, indicates that the market is currently driven by a growing number of compliance requirements.

“Just as in other enterprise applications markets, compliance is a major driver for the Cloud E-mail Archiving market. Companies now have to comply with multiple compliance requirements. Further, there are internal compliance requirements to be met. Since most client communications are through e-mails, companies have an urgent need to archive e-mail messages,” reports an analyst.

In spite of the need, security concerns with regards to third party providers hinder the growth of this market. However, the increasing need for savings and better server performance will be key drivers for this market. The Cloud E-mail Archiving market is marked by an increased focus on add-on offerings. This makes the study an important one … Read more