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VMware Vs. Microsoft: The Next Chapter

4 February 2013 – VMware’s fourth-quarter earnings, reported Jan. 28, set a record and came in ahead of analyst expectations. The next day, its stock, which had been trading at $99.10 just before the announcement, took a stunning hit, losing 20% of its value within a short time after the opening of trading.  Several analysts had predicted VMware’s fourth-quarter earnings would disappoint because the market for virtualization products was nearly saturated and Microsoft was moving in to steal the customer base.

VMware has led a somewhat charmed life with investors up to this point. It’s been presumed to be the leader of a business with a lot of potential growth. Instead, VMware came up with a conservative forecast of new license sales, a key indicator of its prospects, of 8-11% for the first quarter of 2013, as well as slower overall sales in the first half.
On the third day, its stock began to recover. Some investors clearly thought that VMware, under a new CEO and having just lost its CTO, was laying off employees as foretaste of things to … Read more

Well played, EMC

17 July 2012 – As expected, EMC shuffled the deck today. It named COO Pat Gelsinger as the new VMware CEO, replacing Paul Maritz who has moved into a new role as EMC’s chief strategist.  It had been reported that Maritz was out as VMware’s CEO and was being considered as a replacement for EMC CEO Joe Tucci, who is expected to retire by the end of next year.  Maritz was a candidate to lead Cloud Foundry, the successful open-source platform as a service (PaaS) that has the potential to become a core part of EMC’s core cloud offering.  It has been reported that Cloud Foundry will be spun out as a subsidiary of EMC. VMware is a subsidiary of EMC.

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An Open-Source Food Fight in the Cloud

6 April 2012 –  To date, the four horsemen of the cloud appear to be, Microsoft, Google and VMware.  The first three companies have built their own cloud computing services that consumers and businesses can tap into. Instead of doing its own service, VMware, the maker of virtualization software, is selling a new suite of cloud software so that service providers and businesses can build their own new-age, cloud computing systems.

The collective muscle and proprietary leanings of those four companies has triggered something of a cloud panic. At its core, cloud computing promises lower costs and greater flexibility than traditional data centers. It’s a way to avoid lock-in, that mainframe-era problem where a company buys its own big, expensive systems—and is stuck with them. But those advantages could be undermined if, say, Amazon decides to play the heavy and makes it difficult for companies to move their software and data onto a competing cloud service. That would be lock-in, cloud edition.

To counter the big cloud players, the software maker Citrix has decided to open-source its CloudStack software. … Read more

Cisco, EMC and VMware team up for data centre training

5 April 2012 – Cisco Systems has partnered up with EMC and VMware, to provide IT professionals with technical training in a range of areas impacting the data centre, such as networking and cloud computing to storage and virtualisation.

Cisco, EMC and VMware are looking to give IT administrators the needed training to address these trends, according to Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, vice president and general manager of Learning@Cisco: “Today’s data centre is composed of heterogeneous technologies, with the cloud blurring the lines between technology silos,” Beliveau-Dunn said in a statement. “IT organisations must cultivate new cloud architecture skills, understand how to use big data and maintain deep domain expertise with a renewed understanding of virtualisation and technology convergence. With this offering, Cisco and EMC are leading the way in transforming skills for the next generation of IT professionals.”

Those new skills will grow in importance as big data, unified networking, cloud computing and converged infrastructures transform not only what systems and technologies are put into the data centre, but also the expertise IT administrators need to install, deploy and manage … Read more

One on One: Paul Maritz, VMware Chief Executive


7 February 2012 – Paul Maritz has been chief executive of VMware since July 2008. VMware’s server virtualization has made possible a vast consolidation of the computer business toward commodity chips and open-source software. It was also critical in the shift to “cloud” computing. A native of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Mr. Maritz joined Intel in 1981. From 1986 to 2000 he was at Microsoft serving on its executive committee and overseeing Microsoft’s expansion into client-server corporate computing. He then founded a computing company which in 2008 was acquired by EMC, which also owns VMware.

For an interview with Mr. Maritz conducted by the New York Times click here.… Read more

VMware promises 250 jobs in Cork, Ireland

16 September 2011 – Cloud computing firm VMware is to create 250 jobs in Ballincollig in Cork over the next three years.  The plans for the new jobs were announced by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton at the opening of a new office this morning.

The company already employs over 550 people at two sites.

It said most of the new jobs will be for high value customer support and sales specialists.  Mr Bruton said: “Today’s announcement by VMware is great news for Cork and shows that we are on the right track.  “However we must do more, and I have a plan for a series of measures across a range of sectors, including cloud computing, to hit ambitious targets and get people back to work.”

VMware senior vice president Maurizio Carli praised the group’s existing Irish employees.  Mr Carli said: “The availability of the required skill-sets and languages in Ireland, along with the strong work ethic and solutions-orientated approach of the campus, has proved to be invaluable for our business.”… Read more

Sorry, virtualization isn’t cloud computing

7 September 2011 – While much of the networking industry last week was focused on VMworld in Las Vegas, Marc Benioff was at his own company’s cloud computing event in San Francisco, where the chief executive answered questions from attendees of Dreamforce 2011.

And Benioff took the opportunity to draw some sharp distinctions between virtualization, the topic of the Vegas conference run by VMware, and cloud computing.

As reported by CloudPro, a U.K.-based cloud news and analysis website, Benioff, while freely acknowledging that uses VMware products in its corporate data centers, said what VMware does isn’t cloud computing.

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VMware: Cloud Era Needs “Real-Time” Applications

6 September 2011 – VMware laid out its vision for cloud computing last week at its VMworld event. VMware CEO Paul Maritz described the cloud computing era as one that will be defined mostly by new data fabrics and real-time applications.  The cloud era is more than timeshare rediscovered or another passing trend, Maritz said. Instead, the cloud era represents the next major interaction “between the consumerization of IT on one hand, and traditional enterprise IT on the other.” A new synthesis that will redefine IT will emerge over the coming decade.

Applications have changed over the years. Maritz said the “canonical applications” of the mainframe era were around automated bookkeeping. In the client-server world, the canonical applications were CRM, e-commerce, integrated ERP systems and non-real-time analytics, all built around relational databases, the web, and IT networks. In the cloud era, he expects a big pool of computing from the consumer space will impact the enterprise space, giving rise to a new set of canonical applications.

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From VMworld 2011: The Business Case for Cloud Computing

30 August 2011 — Consona’s Milt Volosyn is used to mergers and acquisitions (M&As). As CIO for the software and services company, he is responsible for managing about 14 different software products for business-critical tasks such as ERP, financing and marketing services and support.

“Think in terms of 14 different software companies with one IT department,” he told delegates at VMWare’s VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas.

“We were in a constant growth mode so we were continuously running out of disk space and what we did have was difficult to manage because of the significant number and size of requests.”

Consona Corporation’s infrastructure is made up of about 3400 virtual servers sitting on more than 200 physical servers. The organization operates five data centers around the world and has about 550 users.

“It is all tied together with a MPLS network and we have been virtualizing our services for three years,” Volosyn said.

Being virtualized has also helped the organization manage the companies it has purchased through M&A activity. But Volosyn and his team quickly realized it is not the … Read more

VMware breaks into mobile

30 August 2011 -VMware is demonstrating its interest in getting enterprise access onto mobile phones and tablets with its latest offerings.  According to a recent press release from the company, “Project AppBlast will provide the universal delivery of any application, including Windows-based applications, to any device supporting HTML5, enabling instant remote access to applications without the heavy footprint of the underlying operating system. Project Octopus will leverage data sync technology from VMware Zimbra and Mozy to enable enterprise-grade collaboration and information/data sharing. Additionally, Project Octopus will offer easy integration with VMware Horizon, VMware View and Project AppBlast to create a secure enterprise cloud service. These two projects promise to dramatically simplify the access and sharing of information across people and mobile devices, contributing to the Connected Enterprise.”

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