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Desktop Encryption Moves to the Cloud

26 September 2011 – Laplink’s new PC Lock aims to secure files on your desktop through online management.  The PC Lock Management Console can be accessed from any web-enabled device, including smartphones, letting users change settings, reset passwords and, if a computer is lost or stolen, lock the system or even delete information.  For lawyers and other professionals handling sensitive data, encryption is an increasingly popular and necessary utility.  The cloud is making it possible to remotely secure that data even after the hardware containing it has been lost or misplaced.

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E-Discovery Moves to the Cloud

26 August 2011 – Electronic discovery is moving to the cloud. This is hardly surprising when one considers the client-focused benefits of cloud computing and the extraordinary market opportunities for vendors.

Let’s look at the numbers. The market for electronic discovery continues to grow with some estimates indicating aggregate software and services revenue growth from over $3 billion in 2010 to in excess of $6 billion by the end of 2013. Within this quickly emerging and expanding market, there is a pronounced increase in the acceptance and availability of cloud based electronic discovery offerings. For the two dozen or so leading vendors in this market, the opportunity is staggering.

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Cloud computing ‘the new way’ for lawyers

26 August 2011 – When top lawyer Graeme Todd decided to launch his new practice in Queenstown, he was curious about what computing “In the Cloud” could offer his new lawfirm.

He was astounded by what he found.

“I was impressed with the range of capabilities that the ActionStep ‘software as a service’ offered my practice. It was extraordinary and I immediately saw the value of installing a system which was simply more efficient, less expensive and more comprehensive than old styled software.”

Mr Todd said the combination of capability and accessibility made the ‘In the Cloud’ ActionStep system a must-do proposition.

“I’ve worked with computer technology in my previous law practice and, once my head was around cloud computing, I was keen to move away from the expensive and limited software of the past. ActionStep, with the AS Legal workflows built in, demonstrated to me that firms who are deeply invested in old technology are constrained.”

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