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The Future of Higher Education and Cloud Computing

2 February 2013 – Although colleges and universities have been using “cloud-based” applications for years (e.g. email), the cloud computing trend is quickly evolving into a premium model for data storage and exchange. According to technology research company Gartner, more than 50 percent of Global 1000 companies are predicted to store confidential data in the public cloud by the end of 2016. The cloud is proving itself as being a techtrend that’s here to stay.

Higher educational institutions recognize that adopting the latest technologies and solutions is essential to staying competitive and retaining students. Cloud computing can actually help institutions reduce high expenditures on hardware, software and IT maintenance. Cloud computing provides businesses with a centralized, virtual data center that is accessible to faculty and admissions personnel, for example, at any time and any location.

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How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Education

22 August 2011 – When Bridey Fennell’s parents pulled her out of high school for five months so the family could sail their new catamaran from Brazil back to the United States, the challenge was more than a nautical one. How could they keep Bridey, then a sophomore in Illinois, from falling behind in her schoolwork?

Bridey’s parents got creative, enrolling her in several classes at the largest online learning high school in a neighboring state, the Indiana University High School (IUHS). Over the next few months, as the family sailed through the Atlantic and the Caribbean, Bridey downloaded homework when in port, completing her assignments while at sea, then uploading them to a Web-based drop box or emailing them to instructors. For exams, the family turned to dock masters, ship captains, and retired teachers as proctors, who then signed the tests and mailed them back to IUHS. At the end of it all, in addition to an unforgettable adventure, Bridey got straight A’s in all her courses.

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