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Expect a faster, smarter uptake of cloud computing in Africa

10 September 2011 – Many companies are having conversations about how they can use cloud computing to create a more efficient enterprise. Everyone seeks to cut costs and improve efficiency — the cloud is a perfect opportunity to achieve that goal. Because African countries do not have a heavy reliance on legacy systems,  the uptake of cloud computing is likely happen on a more innovative, and possibly, faster scale than we’ve seen in other markets.

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Cloud computing gains traction in South Africa

22 August 2011 – Cloud computing is gaining ground in South Africa for a number of reasons. This includes vastly improved bandwidth capability, both in terms of quantity and quality, greater affordability of bandwidth and improved security technology that addresses many of the concerns businesses have had around the concept of the cloud in the past.

The reality is that there has never been a better time to get into the cloud in South Africa. While there may not be “enough bandwidth” for everything that could be done, there is certainly sufficient availability for many applications already and the price is coming down fast.

As the advantages of the cloud have begun to outweigh previous security risks, so too have security measures improved.  Encryption capabilities now extend up to 2048 bit encryption and a move towards three-phase authentication, such as seen in financial institutions, with usernames, passwords and one-time pins, is now available to secure the cloud.  Using multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) can also help to vastly enhance security measures, in effect extending a private LAN into the cloud and … Read more