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According to 451 Research, the cloud computing market may become an oligopoly of high-volume vendors



16 July 2013 – Oligopoly: A market in which there are a limited number of providers providing the same service. Its political counterpart, oligarchy, means rule by a few. 

So starts an article by Joe McKendrick which was published in Forbes magazine last week, leading off his review of a research note by Owen Rogers, senior analyst at 451 Research, who suggests the emergence of an IT oligopoly. It’s a brilliant research note and provides a great “cloudonomics” tutorial.

Is the cloud computing marketplace becoming the domain of a few big vendors? With large players including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM coming online with similar types of services, we may be starting to see a consolidation of the primary cloud computing market into the hands of a few powerful vendors.

Actually, Owen’s report goes further to say what is emerging is both an oligopoly and monopoly at the same time. With identical services comes commoditization, and only big vendors that can deliver huge economies of scale with margins will survive in this space. He adds that perhaps the “oligopoly … Read more

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings a new hero emerges: technology

Got him

By:  Gregory P. Bufithis, Founder & CEO

22 April 2013 – In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings we saw a new hero emerge: technology. The fast responses of medical professionals already onsite likely saved numerous lives. Furthermore, those runners that finished the race and then continued on to donate blood at the local hospital should be praised as well. The human element, no doubt, played a vital role in minimizing casualties and helping people get medical attention quickly.

But as we read and analyzed the situation, saw what law enforcement and public officials were doing, we saw the new tools at their disposal, all from technology.

According to numerous media sources reporting on the Boston Marathon bomb attack, the FBI collected more than 10 terabytes of video and mobile phone data.  Within hours of obtaining identifications of the Boston marathon bombing suspects, police obtained search warrants and extensive digital records from mobile phone networks and social media and e-mail providers.  The data included call logs collected by cellphone towers along the marathon route and surveillance footage collected by … Read more

I.B.M.’s Rometty on the data challenge to the culture of management

IBM Rometty

8 March 2013 – Last night Virginia M. Rometty, chairman, president and CEO of IBM, delivered a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations. The setting was familiar. Five years ago, Samuel J. Palmisano, her predecessor, gave a speech in the same venue and spoke about the big opportunity ahead for modern computing technology to help businesses, government agencies and other institutions operate more intelligently. It was an emerging trend, one that became a very lucrative business for I.B.M.

In 2008, Palmisano spoke of the accelerating pace of computer processing, storage and software that exploited artificial intelligence. He pointed to the explosion in data from the Web, social networks and sensors.

To his vision he attached the term “Smarter Planet” which became the tagline for I.B.M.’s highly successful campaign to sell software and services, for an array of “smart” projects.

For Rometty, a familiar script but the context quite different: the next step, how to absorp this advancing technology.

She made three major points, all under the banner of Big Data:

Lesson 1: Decisions will be based not on “gut … Read more

HP Discover 2012 : HP et la stratégie Big Data jusqu’aux Brontooctets

5 December 2012 – Big Data. Tout DSI qui se respecte a déjà dû entendre ce terme un peu confus qui, on s’en rend compte au jour le jour, est une sorte de fourre-tout marketing. S’il faut en retenir quelque chose c’est ceci : Big Data, littéralement, correspond à l’explosion de données dans les entreprises (0,9 Po de données quotidiennement pour un opérateur télécom américain en moyenne). Une volumétrie qui doit donc être gérée côté stockage.

Big Data c’est aussi un nombre incalculable de “nouvelles” données, des informations qui entrent en compte dans le SI et qui peuvent servir à dégager de précieuses informations. Il faut donc pouvoir les analyser, qu’elles soient structurées ou non. Le phénomène du Big Data peut donc être perçu avec deux approches différentes ; l’une découlant fatalement de l’autre. HP nous a d’ailleurs propulsé dans un futur pas si lointain en parlant d’unités de données : après les Mo, les Go, les To (Teraoctet) et Po (Petaoctet) viendront les Yo (yottaoctets, soit 10 puissance 24) et Bo (brontooctet, soit 10 puissance 27).

Pour plus de … Read more

HP Discover: Meg Whitman commits to Autonomy technology despite financial headaches

5 December 2012 – The CEO of HP Meg Whitman has once again affirmed the company’s commitment to its embattled Autonomy software division, stressing that HP’s fiscal health is stronger than recent developments may have suggested.

“It’s been a quiet year, not much going on at all,” Whitman said ironically in a keynote address at the HP Discover conference in Frankfurt. “Holy smokes! There’s been a lot of challenges, but a lot of victories. I want to thank you for sticking with us through some difficult times.”

Whitman was alluding in part to HP’s recent announcement that it would take an $8.8 billion (€6.7 billion) write-down, associating about $5 billion of it with alleged accounting improprieties by Autonomy before HP acquired it last year for $10.3 billion in a widely criticised deal.

“We remain 100% committed to Autonomy’s industry-leading technologies and its employees,” Whitman said in Frankfurt. Autonomy “will play a very significant role in our growth strategy moving forward,” she added.

Autonomy, which sells information management and search software, has not performed as well as HP and the market

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HP Discover 2012 : Meg Whitman pousse les solutions big data, avec Autonomy et Vertica

5 December 2012 – Devant un parterre de quelque 9000 participants, Meg Whitman, CEO de HP a réitéré la même idée déjà éprouvée à Discover 2012 aux États-Unis, en juin dernier : faire intervenir une star, et un de ses fans, pas moins que Jeffry Katzenberg le sémillant patron de Dreamworks, célèbre firme de dessins animés, le père d’Alex le Lion – à l’instar d’une autre star, feu Steve Jobs d’Apple.

Le business du dessin animé présente, il est vrai, de belles images de… dynamisme. L’effet témoignage en direct (avec extraits de films, souvent époustouflants) a encore bien fonctionné : un public conquis sur le champ par l’évocation des prouesses de cette industrie, coqueluche de Hollywood : un film comme Alex le Lion pèse à lui seul 200 téraoctets de données, 500.000 fichiers pour 130.000 frames… avec 5 ans de production !

Jeffrey Katzenberg a redit toute sa confiance en l’avenir de Hewlett Packard (qui, soit dit en passant, a su tirer parti de l’héritage de DEC en la matière).

À l’heure où le géant de l’informatique endure de fortes … Read more

Clouds Vs. Outsourcing: The Next Battleground

20 October 2011 – IBM, HP, and other established vendors entering cloud computing are often already outsourcing partners to the firms that are now frequently looking for an infrastructure service provider. But that doesn’t mean they have an inside track on the business. They do not. Established vendors are going to face stiff competition for outsourcing business from the new infrastructure  providers: Amazon, Rackspace, and others, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“Service providers in the IT outsourcing space have, after all, profited handsomely by taking on their customers’ highly complex, one-off collections of IT assets and finding ways to manage them more efficiently than their customers are able to,” states the Pricewaterhouse report.

“But the essence of cloud computing is a move towards highly standardized racks of commodity servers,” with software that manages the racks and allows customers to run applications on them through self-service. “Where’s the IT outsourcing opportunity in that?” said the report, sponsored by Mike Pearl, partner and cloud computing leader at PriceWaterhouse.

For the full post click here.… Read more

In the world of “Big Data”, the top 12 data analytics players

               Big Data Analytics Goes … well, Big Time

18 October 2011 —  Organizations around the globe and across industries have learned that the smartest business decisions are based on fact, not gut feel. That means they’re based on analysis of data, and it goes way beyond the historical information held in internal transaction systems. Internet clickstreams, sensor data, log files, mobile data rich with geospatial information, and social-network comments are among the many forms of information now pushing information stores into the big-data league above 10 terabytes.

Trouble is, conventional data warehousing deployments can’t scale to crunch terabytes of data or support advanced in-database analytics. Over the last decade, massively parallel processing (MPP) platforms and column-store databases have started a revolution in data analysis. But technology keeps moving, and we’re starting to see upgrades that are blurring the boundaries of known architectures. What’s more, a whole movement has emerged around NoSQL (not only SQL) platforms that take on semi-structured and unstructured information.

InformationWeek has created an image gallery that presents a 2011 update on what’s available, with options including EMC’s … Read more

Cloud transforming financial services industry business models

28 September 2011 –  The financial services industry (FSI) is at a tipping point where the old ways of doing business are no longer applicable and need to be transformed, with cloud computing identified as a key enabler of such change.

According to Stanley Young, CEO of NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology arm of NYSE Euronext, an industry transformation is at hand and this is necessary for what it means to be a stock exchange in the 21st century. He noted that the business environment had shifted with heavier regulations imposed on the industry and the “old ways” of doing business are no longer working, which in turn has led to shrinking commission pools.

As such, the company now includes cloud computing services in its portfolio of IT products, which target FSI customers such as dealers, brokers and asset managers, the CEO pointed out during the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Financial Services Industry roundtable organized here Wednesday.

The company’s Capital Markets Community Platform aims to foster virtual trading spaces, “liquidity hubs”, for broker-dealers to access exchange markets such as those in Tokyo, … Read more

HP Launches Cloud Service Beta

7 September 2011 – Carving out a space in the growing market for cloud computing, Hewlett-Packard has launched a beta IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offering, called HP Cloud Services, the company announced Wednesday.

For the initial beta period, HP will not charge for either service. When the offering goes into full production mode, customers will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

HP is marketing the service for a wide array of potential users, including developers, independent software vendors. and organizations. The company claims that a user can provision resources within minutes.

The storage service can be used for backing up data, serving static content over the Web, or for storing large data sets either for private or public consumption. With the compute service, users can upload virtual machines to HP facilities, where they can be run on an as-needed basis.

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