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FBI forced to release 18 hours of spy plane footage: “Paging Mr Orwell …”

FBI spy planes



Eric De Grasse
Chief Technology Officer


9 August 2016 – Just back from Black Hat and DEF CON in Las Vegas, to find a welcome story :-) ….

It’s been just over a year since amateur aviation sleuths first revealed the FBI’s secret aerial surveillance of the civil unrest in Baltimore, Maryland. Now, in response to a FOIA request from the ACLU, the Bureau has released more than 18 hours of aerial footage from the Baltimore protests captured by their once-secret spy planes, which regularly fly in circles above major cities and are commonly registered to fake companies.

The cache is likely the most comprehensive collection of aerial surveillance footage ever released by a US law enforcement agency. The footage shows the crowds of protesters captured in a combination of visible light and infrared spectrum video taken by the planes’ wing-mounted FLIR Talon cameras … military-qualified and used by CIA drones in the Middle East; not available on Amazon … yet :-)

While individual faces are not clearly visible in the videos, it’s frighteningly easy to imagine how cameras … Read more