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Ungarbling natural language processor technologies … and Happy New Year!

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30 December 2014 – Natural language processing is becoming a popular analytical tool as well as a quicker way for search and customer support, as well as legal document analysis. Dragon Nuance is at the tip of everyone’s tongue when NLP enters a conversation, but there are many other products with their own benefits. This past year we saw the IBM Watson system’s natural language processing automated content analysis and classification applied to legal analysis. We breathlessly await Google and Microsoft’s predicted entry in the legal space next year or in 2016.

Over the summer Code Project reviewed three of the NLPs in a post entitled “A Review Of Three Natural Language Processors, AlchemyAPI, OpenCalais, And Semantria”. Rather than sticking readers with plain product reviews, Code Project explains what NLP is used for and how it accomplishes it.

While NLP is used for vocal commands, it can do many other things: improve SEO, knowledge management, monetization, and decision support. The legal industry has been using it in text mining, text analytics, content visualization, automatic classification, and regulatory compliance. … Read more