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For your holiday reading [groan] : the Wiley Business “Big Data & Analytics” sampler


Big Data (2)


19 December 2013 – Yes, yes. We can hear you groaning now. “Yet more stuff to read! Enough already!” But here is something that might be the perfect read on your tablet, phone or other devise for the train, the plane, the coffee shop, whatever.

Since we started attending a large number of technology conferences that often feature presenters who are also major authors (who we have befriended), plus attending a fair amount of book fairs/trade shows, we have managed to get ourselves onto the International Publishers Association distribution list, plus the distribution lists of a number of publishers. Over the last year we have amassed 128 books. Some we review, and some we review + quote in our posts. It’s a nice arrangement.

Our friends at Wiley Business sent us their Big Data and Analytics e-book “sampler” (link below).  It selected materials from seven of their recently published titles. You will recognize most of the titles and authors (Siegel, Yau and Simon standout), I’m sure. Many of these authors are quoted numerous times in the media stream

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