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How cloud computing helps reduce the costs for media producers

Cloud computing and media producers


15 October 2013 – I have been in Israel for almost two weeks due to a fortuitous concatenation: an IBM Research event on Watson, the DLD Tel Aviv conference, and BrainTech Israel 2013.  As the Israeli press was reporting, Tel Aviv was a “city on steroids”.  I will write more on each of these events next week but a major highlight was to hear … and later meet … Yossi Matias, the managing director of Google’s R&D Center in Israel and Senior Director of Google’s Search organization. Clearly one of the smartest guys around.  Maybe on the entire planet.

Most of my work these days is centered in the TMT space … technology, media and telecom. Through the work of my TMT companies, Project Counsel Media (operating out of Frascati, Italy and Barcelona, Spain) and EAM Capital (based in Paris, France) we have been able to hit the TMT space from multiple angles as it undergoes a rapid and continuous development and evolution driven by changes in technology, liberalization of markets and adjustments in the way consumers connect.… Read more