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In the world of “Big Data”, the top 12 data analytics players

               Big Data Analytics Goes … well, Big Time

18 October 2011 —  Organizations around the globe and across industries have learned that the smartest business decisions are based on fact, not gut feel. That means they’re based on analysis of data, and it goes way beyond the historical information held in internal transaction systems. Internet clickstreams, sensor data, log files, mobile data rich with geospatial information, and social-network comments are among the many forms of information now pushing information stores into the big-data league above 10 terabytes.

Trouble is, conventional data warehousing deployments can’t scale to crunch terabytes of data or support advanced in-database analytics. Over the last decade, massively parallel processing (MPP) platforms and column-store databases have started a revolution in data analysis. But technology keeps moving, and we’re starting to see upgrades that are blurring the boundaries of known architectures. What’s more, a whole movement has emerged around NoSQL (not only SQL) platforms that take on semi-structured and unstructured information.

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How Oracle’s Public Cloud Is Different

7 October 2011 – By building its public cloud on Exadata and Exalogic appliances and implementing monthly subscription-based pricing, Oracle seeks to challenge Amazon and Rackspace.

“The Oracle cloud is a little different,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison in his announcement of the Oracle public cloud Wednesday during an afternoon address to the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 user conference in San Francisco. Built on appliances, Oracle’s offering is different from Amazon Web Services, Terremark, and Rackspace. The latter build clusters of uniform, x86 commodity servers in racks as opposed to groupings of highly engineered appliances. But Ellison’s primary point was that the Oracle cloud was “based on industry standards.”

By that, he meant primarily Java, a language based on an international standard. Oracle’s cloud runs any applications written in Java, whether those apps are custom enterprise versions or Oracle Fusion apps. Oracle’s Siebel, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and E-Business Suite applications have been rewritten in Java to form the new Fusion line.

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Behind the Oracle-Salesforce Cloud Brawl

7 October 2011 – Earlier this week, Oracle’s chief executive Larry Ellison went to greater pains than usual to beat up on the competition. Considering the stakes, it was worth it to him.

Speaking at a trade show with 45,000 registered visitors, Ellison announced his company’s formal entry into the business of selling software via a “public cloud.” The cloud is a huge conglomeration of computer technologies. Clouds, and all that they imply for business and society, are the biggest thing going in tech today, promising billions of people access to nearly limitless amounts of computing, data storage, and communications. With that in mind, Oracle’s entry into the market comes as no surprise.

But what Ellison kicked off, and which competitors he kicked from the stage, says a lot about how this multibillion-dollar cloud business infrastructure build out will proceed. It says as much about the millions of marketing dollars about to be spent by the side pushing for tightly-integrated systems of hardware and software and those on the other side hoping for a world with lots of diverse technologies … Read more

Oracle announces move into infrastructure as a service

6 October 2011 – Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said Oracle data centers will soon provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for customers who wish to develop Java applications or deploy the new Oracle Fusion applications in a public cloud setting.

It was the final step of a 180-dgree turnaround in which Ellison has distanced himself from previous statements that supporters of the cloud were “idiotic” and the cloud was nothing but “water vapor” or a confused renaming of the Internet. As it turns out, the cloud is something that Oracle wants to sell. And it came on the next to last day of the 2011 Oracle OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco, a show that has been heavily dominated by Oracle’s discussion of its latest hardware appliances for on-premises computing.

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Oracle says virtualization is critical to cloud computing

4 October 2011 – Server virtualization is critical to cloud computing of any kind, according to Oracle chief executive officer Larry Ellison. Mr Ellison, speaking at the SuperCluster launch event, claimed that the new technologies were now inextricable, reports Information Week.

“Virtualization is critical to cloud computing, private cloud, public cloud, any kind of cloud computing. You take better advantage of your computing resources with a virtual machine,” he was reported as telling delegates at the Oracle Open World 2011 conference.

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Oracle Executives to Outline Oracle’s Comprehensive Cloud Strategy

3 October 2011 – On Thursday, October 6, 2011, during Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle senior executives will outline Oracle’s comprehensive cloud strategy and roadmap. The Oracle Powers the Cloud event includes more than 25 cloud sessions, 15 cloud demos and an Executive keynote address. Executives will discuss how Oracle offers the broadest, most complete integrated offerings for enterprise cloud computing. Oracle provides a comprehensive strategy that includes both private and public clouds, and all cloud layers — software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

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