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IBM has been awarded an average of 24 patents per day so far in 2016

IBM patents

5 June 2016 – Traditional companies continue to score a huge number of patents, reports Quartz. The publication deep dived into the patent filings to find which company has been awarded the most number of patents this year. According to its finding, IBM has been awarded 3,617 patents so far this year, whereas Samsung comes close with 3,032 patents during the same period. Behind these giants sit Google with 1,530 patents, Intel with 1,293, Qualcomm with 1,262, Microsoft with 1,232, and Apple with 1,060 patents. From the report:

Although IBM’s patent-producing power slowed somewhat in 2015, the number of patents it’s received so far this year is up more than 13% compared to a year earlier. The company is in the middle of a painful reinvention, that sees the company shifting further away from hardware sales into cloud computing, analytics, and AI services. It’s also plugging away on a myriad of fundamental scientific research projects — many of which could revolutionize the world if they can come to fruition — which is where many of its patent applications Read more

Tech titans prepare for the “next wave” of technologies by poaching each other’s top talent

 Next wave


(composite of multiple sources)

16 July 2014 –  Babak Parviz, who led the development team on Google’s high-tech spectacles, announced his move in cryptic fashion, posting Amazon’s logo on his Google+ page, with the comment “status: super excited.” However, he has so far declined to reveal what projects he will work on at the Seattle-based online retailer.

The creator of Google’s Glass headset is moving to Amazon as the industry’s leading companies battle to secure the bright minds who will help them discover the next breakthrough technology.

Amazon’s coup in poaching one of Google’s leading lights underlines the efforts being made by the industry’s biggest companies to prepare for the “next wave” of technologies. All are heavily investing in futuristic concepts in an effort to predict what ideas may disrupt their core businesses. Parviz was also the brain behind the Google’s “smart contact lenses”, which will help diabetics track their blood sugar levels and communicate the information to mobile devices. Yesterday Google announced a deal with pharmaceutical company Novartis to help develop the lenses commercially.

It’s about these companies … Read more

Microsoft’s cloud system is the first to satisfy EU privacy standards

Microsoft cloud services


11 April 2014 – Microsoft has become the first company to receive a declaration from Europe’s privacy regulators that its enterprise cloud services contracts are compliant with the bloc’s stringent privacy laws, paving the way for data to move freely through the global cloud. In a blog post yesterday Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith revealed that the Article 29 Working Party — which is composed of data protection authorities from each member state and the European Commission — had in an April 2 letter informed the company that the regulators had completed their review of the newest version of its enterprise cloud services contracts and concluded that the pacts were in compliance with the high privacy standards outlined in the EU model clauses:

“By acknowledging that Microsoft’s contractual commitments meet the requirements of the EU’s ‘model clauses,’ Europe’s privacy regulators have said, in effect, that personal data stored in Microsoft’s enterprise cloud is subject to Europe’s rigorous privacy standards no matter where that data is located.  Microsoft is the first — and so far the only — company to Read more

According to 451 Research, the cloud computing market may become an oligopoly of high-volume vendors



16 July 2013 – Oligopoly: A market in which there are a limited number of providers providing the same service. Its political counterpart, oligarchy, means rule by a few. 

So starts an article by Joe McKendrick which was published in Forbes magazine last week, leading off his review of a research note by Owen Rogers, senior analyst at 451 Research, who suggests the emergence of an IT oligopoly. It’s a brilliant research note and provides a great “cloudonomics” tutorial.

Is the cloud computing marketplace becoming the domain of a few big vendors? With large players including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM coming online with similar types of services, we may be starting to see a consolidation of the primary cloud computing market into the hands of a few powerful vendors.

Actually, Owen’s report goes further to say what is emerging is both an oligopoly and monopoly at the same time. With identical services comes commoditization, and only big vendors that can deliver huge economies of scale with margins will survive in this space. He adds that perhaps the “oligopoly … Read more

El “Smarter Commerce Global Summit” de IBM en Monaco: Un cambio radical en compras corporativas, la magia de Watson continúa junto a la gran cantidad de nuevas aplicaciones analíticas.

Best The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit

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26 De junio de 2013 – Si han seguido nuestra cobertura del Mobile World Congress de este año en Barcelona (reportaje realizado con nuestra empresa hermana EAM Capital Partners) ya deben saber que dedicamos gran parte de nuestro tiempo con la gente de IBM y miembros del equipo Watson, lo cual se ha terminado convirtiendo en una costumbre cada año que atendemos a este evento (click aquí).  En esta ocasión estuvimos en Mónaco… Sí, una asignación un tanto sacrificada… en el “Smarter Commerce Global Summit” de IBM. Este tipo de cumbres ha sido diseñada para ofrecer a los clientes de IBM la oportunidad de conocer a los expertos de IBM y discutir temas tales como: sincronización de cadenas de suministro, optimización en el control de inventario, micro-target marketing, etc..  Pero la razón principal por la que asistimos a este evento fue para presenciar la nueva gama de servicios en la nube dirigidos a ejecutivos de … Read more

Le Sommet mondial du commerce plus intelligent d’IBM (« IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit ») à Monaco : le système Watson, l’analytique, une transformation radicale des marchés et bien plus encore…

Best The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit


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Le 26 juin 2013 – Si vous avez suivi notre couverture du Congrès mondial des technologies mobiles cette année (en collaboration avec notre société sœur EAM Capital Partners), vous savez déjà que nous passons beaucoup de temps avec IBM et les membres de l’équipe Watson lors de chacune de nos participations (cliquez ici). La semaine dernière, nous étions à Monaco… oui, c’était une mission difficile !… au Sommet mondial du commerce plus intelligent d’IBM (« IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit »). Ce Sommet est destiné aux clients d’IBM et donne l’opportunité de rencontrer des experts d’IBM afin d’aborder des sujets tels que comment synchroniser les chaînes d’approvisionnement, optimiser le contrôle des stocks, faire du marketing micro-ciblé, etc. Mais si nous y avons participé, c’était pour découvrir la gamme de services Cloud conçue pour les responsables de marketing et autres dirigeants, dont une formidable application du système Watson qui s’appuie sur son traitement révolutionnaire du langage naturel. Il … Read more

The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Monaco: a sea change in corporate purchasing, the Watson magic continues, and analytics galore

Best The IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit

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26 June 2013 – If you followed our Mobile World Congress coverage this year (done with our sister company EAM Capital Partners) you know we spend a lot of time with IBM and members of the Watson team each year we attend (click here).  This past week we were in Monaco … yes, a hardship assignment … at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit. The Summit is for IBM customers and it is a chance to meet IBM experts to discuss such things as how to synchronize supply chains, optimize inventory control, do micro-target marketing, etc.  But we attended to see the range of cloud-based services aimed at marketing executives and other managers, including a brilliant Watson system application that uses its breakthrough natural language processing. It was the debut of the first consumer-facing Watson offering for Smarter Commerce and you can get a nice back-grounder by clicking here.

There’s something for everyone in IBM’s new cloud-based … Read more

Edge 2013: IBM fait plonger son audience dans le monde de la recherche et de ses applications



12 Juin 2013 – Avec 6 milliards de dollars investis en R&D chaque année, une équipe de 3 000 chercheurs, plus de 65 000 brevets déposés et 5 Prix Nobels à son actif, le géant américain a depuis longtemps fait de l’innovation une de ses priorités. Et quand cela ne passe pas par des développements internes, Big Blue n’hésite pas à mettre la main au portefeuille pour acquérir les technologies qui viendront enrichir son portefeuille de solutions. Depuis 2010, 10 milliards de dollars ont été dépensés pour l’acquisition de plus de 20 sociétés. Softlayer (Cloud), Kenexa (RH), Worklight (Mobilité) ou encore Netezza (Analyse) ont tour à tour été intégrés aux offres IBM. « Nous devons être bons dans tous les domaines », souligne Tom Rosamilia Vice-président Senior de STG. Ce sont toutefois deux projets sortis tout droit de ses laboratoires qui ont été mis à l’honneur.

La naissance de Docteur Watson

Le premier est bien connu puisqu’il s’agit du superordinateur Watson qui a remporté le jeu Jeopardy en 2011. La technologie est actuellement utilisée par l’assureur WellPoint et le … Read more

Mobilité et Cloud : Atos et Samsung s’entendent sur la consumérisation de l’IT


Samsung et Atos


Samsung affiche un peu plus ses ambitions à l’égard des entreprises et mise sur la consumérisation de l’IT et un partenariat stratégique avec Atos pour s’ouvrir les portes du marché entreprise avec des applications autour de la mobilité, du Cloud et du Big Data.


10 Juin 2013 – La SSII Atos et le constructeur coréen Samsung forment désormais un partenariat stratégique. Officialisé par le PDG d’Atos, Thierry Breton, ce rapprochement se traduira par le développement d’offres s’appuyant sur les technologies de Samsung.

Ces développements porteront en particulier sur « les domaines de la signalétique numérique dans les espaces de vente, des véhicules connectés, de la gestion des postes de travail et des solutions en Cloud computing pour l’utilisateur final en mobilité » précise le prestataire français dans un communiqué, finalement assez vague.

Les technos “grand public” pénètrent l’entreprise

Samsung et Atos semblent ainsi partager une même vision sur la question de la consumérisation de l’IT et s’accorder sur l’influence des technologies grand-public sur les applications et systèmes d’information des entreprises.

Grâce à sa coopération avec le … Read more

The importance of making Big Data accessible to non-data scientists

Data science for dummies 1


4 May 2013 – Gartner analyst Doug Laney first coined the term ”big data” over over 12 years ago although one suspects — at least in its current form — people have been complaining about “information overload” since Roman times. But the term’s meaning is still far from clear and it wins continuous nominations in the “Tech Buzzword That Everyone Uses But Don’t Quite Understand” competitions, followed closely by “the cloud”.

When using the term, Gartner usually keeps the quote marks in place (i.e. it’s “big data”, not big data). And as we learned at the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit in Barcelona two months ago, Gartner has spent a tremendous amount of time on it. As Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg warned people at the conference “talking only about big data can lead to self-delusion” and he urged people not to “surrender to the hype-ocracy.”

NOTE: next month we’ll have a chance to talk about “big data” more with Gartner analyst Debra Logan along with Jason R. Baron when our video crew travels to Rome to interview Read more